World of Catan Wiki

These advanced scenarios for The Settlers of Catan and its expansions are created by fans for play by other fans. Unlike the basic scenarios, these usually replace a large number of rules and may require new hexes, pieces, or game aides. In addition, a new ending condition is usually required, as opposed to variants, where the ending requirement generally remains unchanged.

Settlers scenarios[]

  • Consumers of Catan – Various rule changes bring Catan closer to a standard economic model. Explore the effects of monetary policy, price controls, tax and spend policies, trading stocks, and more...

Seafarers scenarios[]

  • Windmills of Catan – Catan has outgrown its small island and the Catanians have hired Dutch architects to build windmills and dikes to reclaim land from the sea. Will your civilization be able to reclaim the seas and expand or will it suffer under the weight of its own people?