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Atlantis box front


Atlantis box back

Atlantis: Scenarios & Variants for The Settlers of Catan is the second boxed expansion for The Settlers of Catan and has only been released in Germany. The boxed set collects and revises previously released mini-variants and adds a few new ones. It was bundled free with the 10th anniversary gold box version of Settlers.

Out of the Box[]

  • 1 desert hex
  • 1 jungle hex (river hex on back)
  • 1 volcano hex (river hex on back)
  • 1 wizard's castle hex (river hex on back)
  • 1 "1-and-6" number chit
  • 1 Harbor Master special victory point card
  • 5 Specialist cards
  • 6 castle tiles
  • 7 city wall discs
  • 60 stormflood tokens (30 with red backs, 30 with gold backs)
  • 38 event cards
  • Rule sheet

Variants included[]