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Barbarian Attack is one of the scenarios in Catan: Traders & Barbarians.

In the Manual[]

Catan's wealth doesn't go unnoticed. Fearsome barbarians, eager for booty, are landing on the coasts of Catan, spreading fear and terror. The fun is over--the peaceful times history! One never knows where the barbarians will strike. There are only a few initial raiders, but their numbers increase rapidly. At first they only ruin resource production. But as their strength grows, they threaten to besiege settlements and cities--with devastating consequences.

But Catanians stand by each other. They respond by training Knights to send into battle--but will they be strong enough?

Out of the Box[]

  • 1 castle hex
  • 40 gold coins
  • 24 knights (6 of each color)
  • 30 barbrians
  • 26 Development Cards
  • card back & cover card