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Catan: Explorers & Pirates is the fourth and latest expansion of The Settlers of Catan. Released in 2013, this expansion includes 5 building scenarios that introduce the new elements to the game. Despite the similarities to Catan: Seafarers it is quite different and has a number of additions. These additions include harbor settlements, crew members, pirate lairs, and more. It can be expanded with the 5-6 player extension.

On the Box[]

Explore Catan! In Catan: Explorers & Pirates you'll build harbor settlements, ships, settlers, and sailing crews and set out across mysterious seas in search of new lands, spices, fish, and gold fields. Challenge pirates on land and sea as you seek to win renown. Use your ship to carry settlers and claim faraway terriory. Chart unknown waters and return with rich cargo. Should you prove the most able explorer and be the first to complete your noble mission, you'll become master of Catan!

In the Box[]

  • 16 harbor settlements
  • 36 crews
  • 12 ships
  • 8 settlers
  • 4 pirates
  • 6 pirates' lair tokens
  • 6 fish hauls
  • 24 spice sacks
  • 76 gold coins
  • 6 gold fields
  • 6 fish shoal hexes
  • 6 spice hexes
  • 12 standard terrain hexes
  • 15 frame pieces
  • 12 number markers
  • 3 mission cards
  • 3 victory point cards
  • 4 new building cost cards