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Catan Event Cards is a dice-replacement function in The Settlers of Catan and all its variants. Included in Catan: Traders & Barbarians it is also sold in the United States by Mayfair Games and is available at most game shops.

From the Box[]

Drop the dice and spice up your Settler's of Catan or Cities and Knights games with this new set of cards. The Catan Event Cards feature thirty-six cards that act as a deck of dice, replacing the need for dice in your Catan game. Special events are triggered by these cards each time they are turned over, adding an exciting new element to your Catan play. Also included are 6 score keeping cards, the rules card, and a reshuffle card

Materials in Box[]

  • 36 event cards
  • 1 year end card
  • 6 victory point tracking cards
  • rules card

How to Play[]

  • Set aside the "New Year" card.
  • Shuffle the remaining cards.
  • Place the New Year card 6th from the bottom.
  • Draw the top card instead of rolling the dice.
  • Resolve any event on the card first and then produce resources.

With Cities and Knights[]

  • Continue rolling the Event Die in addition to drawing an event card.
  • Use the red die shown on the event card to determine progress card earnings.