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A city is a type of building in The Settlers of Catan and most expansions, scenarios, and variants.

Basic function[]

Following the basic rules of the game, a city is built using 2 Grain and 3 Ore and replaces an already-built settlement on the table (although that settlement can be purchased immediately prior to the building of a city). It provides the player that builds it with 2 Victory Points (as opposed to 1 Victory Point from a settlement).

Cities double the resource production of adjacent resource hexes. You get two Resource cards per city bordering a given resource hex.

In Cities & Knights[]

In Cities & Knights, three commodities are added to the game: paper, cloth, and coin. Commodities are produced only by cities, and only in specific tiles.

    • Forests produce one Lumber and one Paper
    • Pastures produce one Wool and one Cloth
    • Mountains produce one Ore and one Coin
    • Hills produce two Brick
    • Fields produce two Grain

Commodities are the only way to acquire city improvements on the City Calendar.