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Free Settlement Strategy is an unofficial scenario by Eselbeus.


These are the rules we have usually played with for 15 VP games. Only the first rule is essential to this scenario.

  1. Free Settlement Policy
Settlements do not have to be two intersections away from any other settlement or city. This rule does not apply to your starting settlements.
  1. Capitals
Players may during the course of the game upgrade one city to a capital. A capital is worth three victory points. For each hex bordering a capital, three resources are produced. To upgrade a city to a capital costs: one brick, one wood, one grain, one sheep, and three ores.
  1. Strategic Road Rotation
During the course of the game, each player is entitled to rotate one of their road segments so that it points to a new intersection. This rule is useful if a player's road gets trapped or blocked by an opponent's settlement. Once they have rotated it they may not rotate it back. They may not rotate any other roads after that either. A player may not rotate a road until they have built at least one settlement. (that last clause is usually omitted)
  1. Declining "7"s
On a player's turn, after they have rolled the dice, if they rolled a "7", once and only once during the game, they may choose to re-roll the dice until they are on a value that is not 7. This may only be used once by each player. When playing with the alternate rule under which all "7"s in the first two turns around are re-rolled, this rule does not come into effect until the third.
  1. Winning
The game ends when a player has 15 or more victory points at the end of their turn.