Mayfair Games is a publisher of board and roleplaying games in the United States and United Kingdom. They also license German-style board games and publish them in English, most notably the The Settlers of Catan series licensed from Kosmos.

History Edit

Mayfair Games was founded in the early 1980s by Darwin Bromley in Chicago.

In 1982, Mayfair released its War in the Falklands game just as the war ended, leading the English press to accuse Mayfair of "ghoulish" exploitation.[1]

In 1993, Mayfair was sued by TSR, Inc., who argued that Mayfair's "Role Aids" line of game supplements, advertised as compatible with Dungeons and Dragons, violated their 1984 trademark agreement. While the court found that some of the line violated their trademark, the line as a whole did not violate the agreement[2], and Mayfair continued publishing the line until the rights were bought by TSR.

In 1997, most of Mayfair was bought by Iron Crown Enterprises and restarted as Ironwind, Inc.[3] A warehouse was purchased by a dice company. Their RPG system, Mayfair Exponential Game System, ended up in the hands of Janet Bromley.

In 2003, Mayfair started publishing games by daVinci Games, beginning with the popular card game Bang!. In 2005, Mayfair also began distributing all of the games published by Phalanx Games.

Catan-related games released by Mayfair Edit

References Edit

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