There are six player colors available in The Settlers of Catan line of games. These colors have remained consistent since the 3rd edition of the game. The available colors are red, blue, white, orange, green, and brown. The first four colors are available in the base game while the remaining two require The Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Extension. The colors represent the different players and remain consistent in all subsequent materials released in scenarios and variants licensed from Kosmos.

The original edition of Settlers came with four slightly different player colors: green, blue, white, and orange. When the second edition was released, Kosmos decided that the ability to combine the two and created 8-player games was plausible and thus released four new, different colors to mix with the original four, which were: purple, yellow, black, and red. With the release of the third edition, Kosmos decided to choose four core colors and the ability to expand that to six with the Settlers extensions, thus the rules for 8-player games disappeared and have never been available from the publishers again. The original black and purple pieces are no longer available from Kosmos or Mayfair Games, although many custom Catan sites have alternate colored pieces available.

Player pieces Edit

Through the base game, expansions, extensions, and various scenarios and variants, The Settlers of Catan has accumulated many playing pieces and color-coordinated materials for each player. While there is no situations yet created where all of them would be used, the following is a list of colored materials available for any single color:

Buildings and Trade Routes
  • 5 Settlements
  • 4 Cities
  • 15 Road
  • 3 Bridges
  • 15 Ships
  • 3 City Walls
  • 5 Coastal Settlements
  • 1 Large Ship
Knights and People
  • 6 Tiered Knights:
    • 2 Basic Knights
    • 2 Strong Knights
    • 2 Mighty Knights
  • 6 Mounted Knights
  • 1 Wagon
Support Material
  • 1 Production Card
  • 1 Production Calendar
  • 1 Victory Point Counter
  • 2 D6 Dice

Non-Player Pieces Edit

In addition to the normal six player colors, there are some non-player pieces that are also color-coordinated for various reasons. Those pieces are as follows:

Enemies and Foes
  • The Robber
  • The Pirate
  • The Barbarian Fleet
  • Barbarian Raiders
Bringers of Wealth
  • The Merchant
  • Camels