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Since 2004, Klaus Teuber has provided fans of The Settlers of Catan with rare promotional scenarios available only at special events and for a limited time only. Virtually all of the scenarios focus on a specific geographic region on Earth, generally in the Germanic countries. To date, five such scenarios have been released, all in varying numbers and availability.

These scenarios include:

  • Catan - Austria & Vienna Meets Catan (Released 2004 for the Austrian Gamefest. 10000 copies were produced.)
  • Saggsen Gaden: The Settlers of Saxony & Offensive in Chemnitz (Released September 2005 for the 10th anniversary of the German Game Museum in the Saxon capital of Chemnitz. 1000 copies were produced.)
  • Renaissance in Styria & The Building of Castle Chaffenberch (Released October 2007 by the Austrian Game Museum for Spielfest 2007. 5000 copies were produced.)
  • The Settlers of Luxembourg (Released August 2008 by a Luxembourg Catan group for the Luxembourg Catan Championship. 700 copies were produced.)
  • The Gold of Ankh-Morpork & Rincewind & the Tourist (Released August 2008 to winners of the Austrian Catan Championships and then released in October 2008 at Spielfest by the Austrian Game Museum. 5000 copies were produced.)
  • De Kolonisten van Catan: De drie Handelsteden van Noord-Nederland (The 3 trading cities of the Northern Netherlands) Released 2009 in Dutch and approved by 999 Games and Kosmos. It was released in a limited edition of 500 for Noorderspel09. Not commercially available.
  • Catan - Indiana & Ohio (Released Fall 2009 at GenCon in English.)

Historical Scenarios[]

In addition to the above promotional scenarios, Kosmos has planned an extensive scenario series based on the founding of various regions worldwide. Most of the locations are in Germany, and all the scenarios follow roughly the same rules as the others. Originally, they were to be released in six month intervals, but KOSMOS has fallen short of that strategy. They have only released two scenarios, although a third was released in English as an official promotional.

These scenarios include: