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Stand-alone games are separately packaged scenarios that come with everything needed to play and do not need the base Catan game or pieces. These are all roughly based in the Catan lore or game play. Some only change the rules slightly, while others are drastically different and some even have their own expansions, and fan-made scenarios and variants.

NOTE: This list is not all inclusive and there may be some included that shouldn't be. It's a work in progress.

List of Stand-alone Games[]

  • Catan: Portable Edition
  • Catan: Traveler
  • The Settlers of Zarahemla
  • Catan Geographies: Germany
  • Catan: Ancient Egypt
  • Catan: Family Edition
  • Star Trek Catan
  • Catan Histories: Settlers of America
  • Merchants of Europe
  • Catan: Junior
  • The Kids of Catan
  • The Settlers of Canaan
  • Catan: 15th Anniversary Edition
  • The Settlers of the Stone Age
  • The Starfarers of Catan
  • Catan: Starfarers
  • Domaine
  • Oceania
  • Anno 1503
  • Catan: 2005 3D Collectors Edition
  • Catan 3D Edition 2021
  • Simply Catan
  • Catan: Struggle for Rome
  • Madagascar Catan Junior
  • Catan 25th Anniversary Edition
  • Catan: Gallery Edition
  • Dawn of Human Kind
  • Catan: Merchants of Europe
  • Catan: Rise of the Inka
  • Catan: Chocolate Edition
  • Catan: Water of Life
  • The Communication in Catan
  • Catan: Baden-Wurttemberg (Black Edition)

Dice Games[]

  • Catan Dice Game

Card Games[]

  • The Rivals for Catan
  • The Struggle for Catan
  • Catan Card Game

Adventure/RPG Games[]

  • Candamir: The First Settlers
  • Starship Catan
  • Elasund: The First City