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The Rivers of Catan is one of the scenarios included in Catan: Traders & Barbarians and while it is very similar to the standalone mini-variant The Great River it differs significantly.

In the Manual[]

While some settlers have totally committed themselves to fishing, others are settling near the rivers of Catan. These rivers are proving to be true lifelines of the island. The river trade is flourishing particularly well--as reflected in the profits of sheer gold!

No wonder that soon roads are appearing along the rivers, and mighty bridges are crossing the water. Everyone wants to be the wealthiest settler of the island. But it often happens that, while one gets rich, many others get poor. How will you fare?

Out of the Box[]

  • 2 sea frame pieces
  • 3 river tiles
    • a 3 hex river (1 tile)
    • a 4 hex river (split in 2 tiles)
  • 12 bridges (3 of each color)
  • 1 "Wealthiest Settler" tile
  • 4 "Poor Settler" tile
  • 40 gold coins