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Catan cover

The novel's cover art

The novel "Settlers of Catan" was written by German author Rebecca Gablé. It has been translated into various languages. 


The novel is set in the year 850 in the north of Europe. The small village of Elasund is attacked by marauding neighbors. With their food, women, children, and livestock stolen, the villagers have to make a choice: Perish in the hard winter to come or leave to find a milder place to start a new existence.

The two foster brothers Candamir and Osmund lead the village's people on a quest to find new land across the sea. The do not know where the mystic island they seek is located, but they trust the gods to take them there. 

After many perils at sea, they come ashore on the fabled island of Catan. They start a new village there, but old grudges and animosities have followed them across the ocean. Two radical different views on how village life should be conducted clash and the village breaks into two factions.

The remainder of the story follows Candamir and Osmund, as well as other members of the village, as they struggle to make the new island a home and try to overcome their differences.