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World Wonder cards

The World Wonders of Catan is an official variant for The Settlers of Catan released originally in Dutch as part of the Six Scenarios collection. The world wonder cards, however, have been released into an English version printable from this page.

This varient was released with Catan: Seafarers, 4th Edition as "The Wonders of Catan." A six player version is available with Catan: Seafarers 5-6 Player Extension, 4th Edition.

From the Box[]

Even in Catan the wish exists to get into the history books. To that end, a monument needs to be built. Of course every architect decides what monument he wants to build. Every monument has its own unique benefits. Normally the settlers of Catan are appreciated for their achievements in city building and development. Wonders, however, have a separate status. Without a wonder, you will stay a nobody.

Materials in Box[]

  • 5 wonder cards
  • 16 markers
  • rules

Where to Buy[]

Downloadable at the University of Catan as a print-out expansion. (It is no longer available at University of Catan.